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M A L A W I W A Y ... Our story

"MalawiWay" kennel has been registered at 18.4.2012. The kennel name is a combination of the name of our first RR female -  Malawi (Tusani Miss Malawi) and the way we want to go in breeding of this wonderful breed. We had no idea how significant this name will be  already  for the beginning of our breeding...
Even Malawi's way to our family was long. In 2010 we moved to our new house in Šoporňa. We both wanted a doggie companion. And the decision was made to get a beautiful African breed - RR. We didn't want to choose a breed only from a picture in encyclopedia. So we visited some dog shows to look closer. At that time we knew our first RR will come from Tusani kennel. Their dogs captured our attention at first sight. Usually you have to wait for a puppy of a quality combination. We waited for Malawi exactly one year.
At first we wanted a pet. But during the long waiting to bring our puppy home, we visited some more dog shows and other dog events. We've made new friends there and so we decided to try the dog shows too.
We can say Malawi has changed our lives. We've started to spend more time in nature, visited new places and met new people.. Since the very first days of living together with Malawi, it became clear, that one RR won't be enough. And so we decided to breed RRs.
We were lucky. Malawi won some very nice titles at many dog shows. Her health tests were excellent and she passed the breeding exam with flying colours. So we started to look for a "husband" for our girl. But then, in spring 2014, the accident happened! Malawi's patellar ligament ruptured when she was chasing a cat...And our journey to our first litter of puppies extended. For a year. Malawi went in for a surgery two times. She had to wear a special brace. We were changing shifts in taking care of her for a couple of months. It was very hard time, but we made it together. Malawi recovered from her injury and at June 28, 2015 we welcomed her first puppies. We enjoy life with ridgebacks. http://www.rr.sk/tusani/blika.gif

our family :o)

2017, april

2017, january

autumn 2016

Klagenfurt (AT) summer 2016

28.6.2016 1st Birthday :o)

Mirka, Marek, Malawi and Aria in june 2016 :o)


MW "gang"

Mirka, Marek and Aria - our new family member :o)

in august 2015

Mirka, Malawi and Marek in April 2015

foto: MW

Mirka, Malawi and Marek in January 2015

Photo: MW

Mirka, Marek and Malawi v October 2014

photo: MW

Marek, Mirka and Malawi in July 2014

photo: MW

Mirka, Malawi and Marek in March 2014

photo: MW

Mirka, Malawi and Marek in June 2013


Mirka, Malawi and Marek in May 2013


Mirka, Malawi and Marek in March 2013


Mirka, Malawi and Marek in October 2012

Mirka, Malawi and Marek in August 2012

Marek, Malawi and Mirka in February 2012

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